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A Hot Desking Glossary: Your Ultimate Guide to Desk Terminology

Navigate the world of hot desking with ease using our ultimate glossary. From 'activity-based working' to 'workspace utilization,' we've got you covered with clear definitions and examples of the most common desk-related terms in modern workplaces.

A Hot Desking Glossary: Your Ultimate Guide to Desk Terminology

In today's dynamic and flexible work environments, hot desking has become an increasingly popular workspace strategy. However, with this new approach comes a whole new set of terminology that can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the concept. To help you navigate this world of shared desks and collaborative spaces, we've compiled a comprehensive glossary of the most common hot desking terms.

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Activity-Based Working (ABW)

Activity-based working is a workplace strategy that provides employees with a variety of work settings designed for specific tasks. Instead of being assigned a permanent desk, employees can choose the space that best suits their needs at any given time, whether it's a quiet focus room for deep work or a collaborative area for team meetings.

Desk Hoteling

Desk hoteling is a reservation-based system where employees book a desk or workspace in advance, similar to booking a hotel room. This allows for more efficient use of office space and enables employees to choose a workspace that best fits their needs for the day.

desk reservation system interface

Hot Desk

A hot desk is a workspace that is not assigned to a specific employee but can be used by anyone on a first-come, first-served basis. This flexible arrangement allows for maximum utilization of office space and encourages collaboration among employees.

Neighborhood Concept

The neighborhood concept in office design involves grouping teams or departments together in designated areas, while still maintaining the flexibility of hot desking. This approach fosters collaboration and communication within teams while allowing for office neighborhoods exploring their functionality and benefits for your company neighborhood concept office neighborhoods neighborhood layouts neigh.

Touchdown Spaces

Touchdown spaces are informal, short-term workspaces designed for employees who are in the office for brief periods. These spaces can include standing desks, bar-height tables, or comfortable lounge areas, providing a quick and convenient place to work without the need for a dedicated desk.

casual office touchdown space

Workspace Utilization

Workspace utilization refers to the efficiency with which office space is being used. By implementing hot desking and activity-based working strategies, companies can optimize their workspace utilization, reducing real estate costs and creating a more dynamic work environment.


As the world of work continues to evolve, understanding the terminology associated with hot desking and flexible work arrangements is essential for navigating modern office environments. By familiarizing yourself with these key terms, you'll be better equipped to embrace the benefits of hot desking and discover more space with smart nudges and new anal in your workplace.

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