Greet Your Guests with Your Branding

Register and sign in guests with highly customizable visitor reception App. Available on iOS and Android.

Greet <span class='text-pr600'>Your Guests</span> with Your Branding

The Choice for Guest Sign-In and More

Effortless guest registration with our unique Visitor Tablet App

A Refined Sign-In Experience

Register and sign in your guests with digital kiosk or tablet. Make it contactless and flawless. Display your branding and up-to-date information.

Your Branding

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Secure Acknowledgment of Terms and Privacy: Capture Digital Signatures, Store Signed Copies, and Send for Future Reference.

Digital Signing

Hosting Guests Effortlessly

Eliminate the search for employees upon guest arrival, handwritten badges, and agreement tracking. WOX Visitors system delivers a time-saving solution, as confirmed by thousands of customers.

Automatic Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Going Hybrid Work with WOX

Everything essential for a seamless and efficient shift to the Future of Work.