Smart Meeting Room Display

Elevate Your Meeting Experience: Stylish Digital Room Display Panels at Your Doorstep. Book, Extend, Check-In Effortlessly—No Phone Required.

Smart Meeting <span class='text-pr600'>Room Display</span>

Transform Your Workspace

Enhance Your Workplace with Smart Meeting Room Displays: Simplify Room Booking, Enforce Policies, and Maximize Room Utilization for Employees and Visitors.

Colored Status Indicators

Colored Status Indicators

Effortless Room Status Recognition: WOX Smart Meeting Room Display Utilizes LED Lighting for Instant Availability Identification.

Interactive Booking

Interactive Booking

Ad-Hoc Booking, Verification, Extensions, Sign-In, Cancellation, and Issue Reporting – All at Your Fingertips.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to manual updates. Our remote over-the-air upgrades ensure that all tablets receive automatic updates whenever a new version is released, eliminating the need for time-consuming maintenance tasks.

Customized Branding

Customized Branding

Tailor Your Meeting Display: Personalize the Logo, Color Scheme, and Background Images to Align with Your Company's Unique Culture and Brand Identity.


Instant On-the-Spot Scheduling

Schedule meetings and bookings in real-time, right at the moment you need them, for seamless and immediate planning.

Color Coding Room Status

Seamless Calendar Integration

Stay in Sync with Major Calendar Platforms: Seamlessly integrate with G Suite (Google Workspace/Google Calendar) and Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Office 365. Room booking statuses remain updated, whether you book from your desktop or Smart Meeting Room Display panel.

Microsoft 365/Exchange

Effortless Service Requests and Amenities

Streamline Service Requests: Report equipment issues, temperature concerns, and request catering or cleaning services directly from the panel for swift assistance.

Service Requests

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