Optimize Office Space Usage

Maximize your workspace efficiently with adaptable space management tools and insightful data analytics.

<span class="text-pr600">Optimize</span> Office Space Usage

Benefits of optimizing office usage

Cutting Down on Office Rental Expenses

Cutting Down on Office Rental Expenses

Office rental is often the second-largest expense for businesses, following human resource costs. Learn how to effectively reduce this significant financial burden.

Boosting Eco-Friendliness

Boosting Eco-Friendliness

Adopt sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact and promote a greener, more responsible workplace.

Embracing the Hybrid Work Model

Embracing the Hybrid Work Model

Discover how to seamlessly integrate remote and in-office work, enhancing flexibility and productivity for your team.


How WOX Assists in Streamlining Your Office Space

WOX: Your Comprehensive Tool for Efficient Space Optimization

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Desk and Room Scheduling

Streamline and simplify the process of managing your workspace for enhanced efficiency and utilization.

  • Utilizing Desk Booking to Minimize the Need for Excessive Workstations
  • Room Booking for Maximizing Meeting Spaces: Host More Meetings with Fewer Rooms and Shared Areas
  • Reclaim Unused Desks and Rooms to Boost Space Utilization
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Workplace Analytics

Monitor and Analyze Desk and Room Usage: Identify Recurring Patterns to Optimize Office Layout, Staffing, and Real Estate Strategy.

  • Reservation Analytics: Gaining Insights into Employee Booking Patterns for Desks and Rooms
  • Occupancy Analytics: Utilizing Sensors to Accurately Monitor Desk and Room Usage
  • Leverage Trend Detection in Space Usage: Uncover Intriguing Patterns for Enhanced Optimization
  • Choose New Business Spaces Wisely with WOX Workplace Analytics for Strategic Expansion Planning.

Going Hybrid Work with WOX

Everything essential for a seamless and efficient shift to the Future of Work.