Manage Hybrid Work on Microsoft Outlook

Book rooms simultaneously with meeting requests, ensuring conflict-free scheduling. Real-time availability prevents double bookings and efficiently recaptures unused spaces.

Manage Hybrid Work on <span class="text-pr600">Microsoft Outlook</span>

Effortless Microsoft 365 Installation

WOX simplifies Office 365 integrations with two methods: Enterprise App and Service Account. Choose the one that aligns with your security needs and user experience preferences.

Enterprise Application

Bi-Directional Synchronization

Outlook room bookings sync with WOX instantly, and vice versa. Bi-Directional Synchronization eliminates double bookings and ensures real-time updates, preventing mysterious cancellations.

From Office 365

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

WOX only synchronizes essential data for designated resources. Ensure correct Exchange Mailbox permissions to limit access to approved resources.

Privacy Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Going Hybrid Work with WOX

Everything essential for a seamless and efficient shift to the Future of Work.