Hybrid Work Policy Generator

The Hybrid Work Policy Generator is an innovative online tool designed to assist HR Managers, Real Estate Managers, and General Managers in crafting tailored hybrid work policies for their organizations. This user-friendly application simplifies the process of creating a policy that balances office and remote work, ensuring a flexible and efficient work environment.


Select Your Profile

Begin by choosing your professional profile – HR Manager, Real Estate Manager, or General Manager. This selection tailors the policy options to your specific needs.


Input Company Details

Enter your company's name to personalize the policy.


Choose Work Days

Use the interactive button groups to select the number of days employees are expected to work from the office and remotely. Options range from 1 to 7 days, offering complete flexibility.


Set Flexible Working Hours

Decide if your policy will include flexible working hours, allowing employees to choose their work hours within certain limits.


Meeting Policy

Select a meeting policy that best suits your organization's culture, whether it's virtual-first, in-person preferred, or a mixed approach.


Generate and Copy Policy

After filling out the form, click 'Generate Policy' to view your customized hybrid work policy. Use the 'Copy Policy' button to easily copy the text for further use.

Select Your Role