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11 Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Client Experience

Elevating the client experience is crucial for building strong relationships and securing business. This article shares 11 proven strategies to make your clients feel like VIPs, from personalized welcomes to seamless sign-ins and well-equipped meeting rooms.

11 Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Client Experience
professional office lobby welcoming clients

Why Client Experience Matters

In today's competitive business landscape, providing an exceptional client experience is more important than ever. Your client experience sets the tone for how guests perceive your office, employees, and organization. By taking intentional steps to improve the client experience, guests can focus on the purpose of their visit, leading to increased referrals, retention rates, and a better overall reputation.

1. Prepare Clients for Their Arrival

The first impression starts well before a client arrives at your office. Use your visitor management system to invite clients to pre-register, send directions and parking instructions, and provide pertinent arrival information. This ensures a seamless entry and allows clients to review important documents in advance.

2. Ensure an Easy and Sleek Sign-In

Once a client arrives, make the sign-in process smooth and professional. Ditch pen and paper in favor of a sleek iPad with your branding. Print branded visitor badges with WiFi credentials to make clients feel welcomed and easily identifiable to employees.

3. Share Your Company's WiFi

Provide clients with unique WiFi credentials to enable a productive visit while maintaining security. Integrate your visitor management platform with WiFi provisioning services like Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti UniFi to automatically share login credentials at sign-in.

4. Keep Your Lobby Clutter-Free

A tidy, organized lobby is essential for making a great impression. Regularly clean the entryway and properly store packages to prevent unsightly pileups. Automate your mailroom with a robust workplace platform to notify employees when their packages arrive and schedule pickup times.

5. Personalize Your Welcome

Review the pre-registration list daily to greet each client by name and accommodate their specific needs. Address visitors warmly to help them feel seen and welcomed from the start.

office receptionist greeting client with a smile

6. Offer a Beverage and Snack

Small gestures like offering a drink or snack can make clients feel at home and appreciated. Consider providing custom pens or other takeaways to leave a lasting brand impression.

7. Help Clients with Their Belongings

Offer to take clients' coats, umbrellas, bags, or luggage, or show them a safe place to store these items during their visit. This safeguards their belongings, prevents potential hazards, and keeps your office clutter-free.

8. Don't Keep Clients Waiting

Promptly notify hosts when their clients arrive to avoid unnecessary waiting. A robust workplace platform can automatically alert hosts, saving time and reducing frustration.

9. Show Them Around the Office

If a client arrives early, give them a brief office tour to showcase your company's facilities and make them feel more comfortable. Point out areas pertinent to their visit or that might pique their interest based on their organization.

10. Keep Conference Rooms Tidy and Well-Equipped

Ensure conference rooms are clean and equipped with the necessary tools for a productive meeting, such as video conferencing equipment, whiteboards, and presentation monitors. Use conference room scheduling software to help hosts find and book the right meeting room in advance.

modern well-equipped conference room

11. Drive Continuous Improvement with Client Insights

After their visit, send clients a thank-you email and a short survey about their experience. Review workplace analytics to understand client visit patterns and proactively plan to accommodate and customize their experience.

Implementing these 11 strategies will help you create a top-notch client experience that sets your business apart. By making your clients feel like VIPs, you'll build stronger relationships, increase referrals, and ultimately drive success for your organization.


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