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Out of This World: 20 Space-Inspired Meeting Room Names for Your Office

Elevate your workplace with 20 cosmic meeting room names inspired by space missions and celestial wonders. From Apollo to Voyager, these names will spark imagination and create an atmosphere of exploration in your office. Perfect for innovative companies looking to reach for the stars.

Out of This World: 20 Space-Inspired Meeting Room Names for Your Office

Out of This World: 20 Space-Inspired Meeting Room Names for Your Office

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, creating an inspiring and engaging environment is crucial for fostering creativity and productivity. One often overlooked aspect of office design is the naming of meeting rooms. By choosing a theme that resonates with your company's values and ignites the imagination, you can transform mundane spaces into launchpads for innovation. Today, we're exploring the vast potential of space-inspired meeting room names that will take your office to new heights.

futuristic office meeting room with space theme

Why Space-Themed Names?

Space exploration has always been synonymous with pushing boundaries, innovation, and teamwork – qualities that many businesses strive to embody. By incorporating space-themed names into your office, you're not just labeling rooms; you're creating an atmosphere of endless possibilities and embracing flexibility in workplaces.

20 Stellar Meeting Room Names

Here's a list of 20 space-inspired names that will launch your meeting rooms into orbit:

  1. Apollo: Named after NASA's legendary moon landing program, perfect for rooms where groundbreaking ideas are born.

  2. Voyager: Ideal for long-term planning sessions, inspired by the spacecraft still exploring the outer reaches of our solar system.

  3. Hubble: For rooms dedicated to visionary thinking and far-reaching strategies.

  4. Curiosity: Named after the Mars rover, suitable for rooms where teams explore new ideas and territories.

  5. Atlantis: Commemorating the space shuttle, great for rooms where teams come together for mission-critical tasks.

  6. Sputnik: The first artificial satellite, perfect for rooms focused on pioneering projects.

  7. Challenger: Honoring the spirit of perseverance, ideal for brainstorming and problem-solving sessions.

  8. Discovery: For rooms where new concepts and innovations are uncovered.

  9. Endeavour: Symbolizing effort and achievement, suitable for project kickoff meetings.

  10. Orion: Named after NASA's newest spacecraft, perfect for forward-thinking discussions.

modern meeting room with space-themed decor
  1. Cassini: Inspired by the Saturn-exploring probe, great for in-depth analysis meetings.

  2. Galileo: Honoring the father of modern astronomy, ideal for research-focused gatherings.

  3. Kepler: Named after the planet-hunting telescope, suitable for data-driven meetings.

  4. Opportunity: Another Mars rover, perfect for rooms where teams seize new chances.

  5. Gemini: Reflecting the spirit of partnership, ideal for collaborative sessions.

  6. Skylab: America's first space station, great for long-term project rooms.

  7. Mir: Named after the Russian space station, suitable for international collaboration meetings.

  8. Juno: The Jupiter-orbiting spacecraft, perfect for rooms tackling complex challenges.

  9. Columbia: Honoring the first space shuttle, ideal for rooms where teams prepare for important launches or presentations.

  10. Artemis: NASA's program to return to the Moon, perfect for rooms focused on ambitious future goals.

Implementing Space-Themed Names in Your Office

When incorporating these cosmic names into your workplace, consider the following tips:

  1. Visual Cues: Add space-themed artwork or decor to each room to reinforce the name and create an immersive experience.

  2. Educational Elements: Include brief descriptions or fun facts about each space mission or celestial body near the room entrances to spark curiosity and conversation.

  3. Tech Integration: Use digital displays outside each room to show the name, availability, and perhaps a rotating gallery of related space images.

  4. Themed Equipment: Consider space-themed furniture or accessories, like chairs inspired by astronaut seats or lighting fixtures that mimic constellations.

space-themed office decor and furniture

The Impact on Workplace Culture

Adopting space-themed meeting room names can have a profound impact on your workplace culture. It demonstrates a commitment to innovation, encourages out-of-the-box thinking, and can even serve as a conversation starter among employees. This subtle yet effective change can contribute to a more engaging and inspiring work environment.

Moreover, these names can align with your company's mission to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in your industry. It's a constant reminder to your team that they're part of something bigger, working towards ambitious goals that may seem as vast and challenging as space exploration itself.


In the quest to create a workplace experience that inspires and motivates, every detail counts. By adopting space-themed meeting room names, you're not just labeling spaces; you're launching your team's imagination into the cosmos. Whether you're brainstorming in "Apollo" or strategizing in "Voyager," these names will remind your team of the limitless possibilities that await when they reach for the stars.

Remember, the key to a thriving workplace is creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a sense of purpose. With these cosmic meeting room names, you're well on your way to achieving lift-off in your office culture. So, are you ready to embark on this stellar journey of workplace transformation?


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