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How to Build a Stellar Brand Through Visitor Management

Creating a great first impression for visitors to your production sites is essential for maintaining a positive reputation among competitors, peers, and business partners. A stellar visitor management experience can help bolster your brand and set your company apart. This blog post shares tips for creating a welcoming front-desk experience and leveraging your visitor management system to build a strong brand reputation.

How to Build a Stellar Brand Through Visitor Management

For consumer goods companies, reputation is everything. Your reputation can be what helps set your company apart from competitors and build fondness with consumers. Part of maintaining a great reputation is creating a great first impression for folks who visit your production sites.

friendly receptionist welcoming visitor in office lobby

Regardless of whether these visitors are key business accounts, potential future deals, or job candidates, it's essential to leave a positive impression. A great visitor experience can help bolster your brand and set your company apart from others.

5 Tips for Creating a Great Front Desk Experience

The front desk of your HQ or production site is what your visitors are going to see first when they enter, and the perception of your brand starts forming the second they walk in. Here are some tips for creating a welcoming and inviting front desk experience:

  1. Provide training on how to make a good first impression
    A friendly and optimistic attitude towards your visitors sets the tone for their visit and makes the experience more personalized. Train your front desk staff with best practices for welcoming and guiding visitors.

  2. Provide clear signs around the facility
    Make it easy for visitors to find their way around by providing clear wayfinding signs. Ensure you have plenty of safety signage as well, especially if your production site includes dangerous machinery or chemicals.

  3. Bring your brand to life in your lobby
    Add elements of your company's personality and brand into the lobby space. Turn your company values into wall decor or display the evolution of your product. These touches give visitors something to do while they wait and help strengthen your brand reputation.

  4. Offer comfy seats and snacks
    Make sure visitors are comfortable while they wait. Offer comfortable seating, refreshments, and a coffee bar. If you're a food or beverage manufacturer, place some of your own products in the lobby for guests to enjoy and take home as a memorable souvenir.

  5. Invest in the best technology
    Consider a visitor management system that includes features for data storage, compliance, personalization, documentation, and more. Good technology can make your front desk stand out from desks with paper clipboards.

modern digital visitor check-in kiosk in office lobby

How a Visitor Management System Can Create a Great Brand Experience

A visitor management system (VMS) is a tool that can upgrade your paper and pen sign-in process to a seamless, digital experience. Here are a few ways a VMS can level up the visitor experience for your company:

  • High-quality technology makes a good impression
    Investing in top-tier, user-friendly, and efficient technology impresses visitors and shows your company is up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • Speed up the process without sacrificing compliance
    A VMS allows you to prompt visitors to sign NDAs or other important legal documents before they arrive, making their sign-in process more seamless while still upholding compliance standards.

  • Scale across all your sites
    Ensure a consistent visitor experience across all your production sites and corporate offices spread across the globe. This makes it easier for your workplace operations team to collect overall data and helps build a consistent brand.

  • Protect your people with better security
    A VMS can help increase security measures with block lists, host notifications, visitor badges, and access control integrations, ensuring only approved people can be onsite.

  • Use data to stay on top of compliance
    Collect data on your visitors to prepare for upcoming audits. A VMS with analytics can make pulling reports easy and help you regularly pass compliance audits, which is important for your reputation.

data analytics dashboard for visitor management

A well-designed visitor management system can help you create a stellar visitor experience and build a positive brand reputation. It can also help ensure you stay compliant without sacrificing a warm, welcoming visitor experience.

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