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10 Creative Conference Room Names to Inspire Your Workplace

Conference room names may seem like a small detail, but they can have a big impact on your workplace culture and employee engagement. Learn how companies like Airbnb and Slack use creative room names to tell their story and inspire their teams. Get tips for finding the perfect theme and names for your meeting rooms.

10 Creative Conference Room Names to Inspire Your Workplace

In today's dynamic workplaces, every detail matters when it comes to creating an engaging and inspiring environment for employees. One often overlooked opportunity is the humble conference room. Beyond just a space to meet, conference rooms can tell a story about your company's culture and values through creative naming.

modern conference room with creative name on wall

Why Conference Room Names Matter

Naming your conference rooms may seem trivial, but it can have a real impact on your workplace experience:

  • It's an opportunity to reinforce your company's unique identity and values
  • Creative names can spark interest and conversation among employees and visitors
  • Memorable names make it easier for people to find and navigate meeting rooms

Companies like Airbnb and Slack are known for their unique and thoughtful office designs, and their conference room names play a key role. At Airbnb, meeting rooms are designed and named after real location listings from their app. Slack's rooms follow themes based on the Pacific Crest Trail, tying together their offices.

How to Find the Perfect Conference Room Names

Ready to get creative with your own meeting room names? Here's an approach to finding names that will resonate with your team:

  1. Identify a theme that connects to your brand, products, or company story. This could be anything from famous innovators to local landmarks to your company values.

  2. Engage employees by having them suggest and vote on room names. This helps them feel invested in the workplace experience.

  3. Choose names that are memorable and easy to locate. While creativity is good, make sure names still allow for intuitive navigation between rooms and floors.

Some other tips and ideas:

  • Use an alphabetical or numerical system to organize rooms
  • Consider names focused on your customers or industry
  • Avoid using themes for specialty rooms like mother's rooms or prayer rooms
  • Don't be afraid to have fun with it! Funny or quirky names can add personality.
employees brainstorming creative conference room names

The Business Case for Investing in Office Design

Thoughtful office design, from desk configurations to room names, is increasingly important for attracting and retaining talent, especially among younger generations. Employees want to feel connected to their employer's mission and know that their workplace reflects their values.

Even small details can have an outsized impact on employee engagement, productivity, and your ability to communicate your culture to visitors and recruits. So while it may require some extra time and creativity, putting thought into your conference room names is well worth the effort.

What story will your meeting rooms tell? Get inspired and start brainstorming names that will make your workplace stand out and bring your team together. With the right approach, you can transform a basic necessity into a powerful tool for building culture and engagement.

team meeting in conference room with inspiring name

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