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Desk Booking Feature Comparison

Maximize Your Workspace with WOX’s Superior Desk Booking System

Elevate Your Office Experience with Flexibility and Modern Design

Name100 desks and 300 employees

Pricing Advantage

  • WOX: Fixed and transparent pricing at $500/month for 100 desks and 300 employees.
  • Envoy: Ranges from $1,500 to $2,100/month – significantly higher without clear advantages.
  • Tactic and Robin: Offer lower-tier pricing but lack the comprehensive features provided by WOX.
  • Condeco and Kadence: While their starting prices may seem competitive, they lack the all-inclusive desk booking solutions found with WOX.

Feature Comparison: Why WOX Leads the Pack

Desk Type Support

  • WOX: Only provider supporting fixed, hot, and hoteling desks without extra charges.
  • Envoy, Robin, Condeco, Tactic, Skedda: May offer one or two desk types but not all three, or only with additional fees.

Desk Type Support

  • WOX: Only provider supporting fixed, hot, and hoteling desks without extra charges.
  • Envoy, Robin, Condeco, Tactic, Skedda: May offer one or two desk types but not all three, or only with additional fees.

E-ink Desk Panel

  • WOX: Equipped with E-ink desk panels for instant desk location, QR code scanning, and booking, providing insights for space management.
  • Envoy, Robin, Condeco, Tactic, Skedda: No other competitor offers this level of intuitive physical integration, leaving WOX in a class of its own.

Real-Time Occupancy Detection

  • WOX: Utilizes desk sensors for real-time occupancy detection, adjusting booking info instantly and gathering valuable real-time usage data.
  • Envoy, Robin, Condeco, Tactic, Skedda: Lack real-time sensor support, reducing the effectiveness of their desk booking systems.
Room Booking
Service Request for Amenities
Service Request for Equipments
Interactive floor map with Editor
Native Mobile App
Digital Signage
Occupancy Sensor Support
Room Booking Feature Comparison

Elevate Your Meeting Space with WOX's Superior Booking System

Advanced Features at a Fraction of the Cost

Name25 meeting rooms, 400 employee

Introduction: The WOX Edge in Meeting Room Management

WOX stands out in the competitive landscape of meeting room booking systems. With state-of-the-art features at a clear, cost-effective price, WOX provides unmatched functionality to enhance your workplace efficiency.

Introduction to Meeting Room Management Features

Discover why businesses choose WOX for a seamless, flexible meeting room booking experience. With Wox, you can streamline your scheduling process and enhance productivity in your workplace.

  • Seamless Integration with Outlook and Gmail: Wox is proud to offer seamless integration with Outlook and Gmail, eliminating the need for users to set up new invites after booking a meeting room. This means that your calendars are automatically updated, and meeting invites are sent out effortlessly, saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.
  • Exclusive Meeting Room Tablet Integration: Wox stands out as the only company offering a dedicated meeting room tablet that works in harmony with our SaaS platform. This integration ensures that users have access to the best-in-class meeting room booking experience, with intuitive controls and real-time updates available right at their fingertips.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Our focus on user experience means that managing meeting room bookings has never been easier. Whether you're booking a room on the go or managing bookings from within the meeting room itself, Wox provides a seamless and intuitive experience that enhances productivity and efficiency in your workplace.
  • Addressing Your Needs: At Wox, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to meeting room management. That's why our features are designed to address common pain points and provide practical solutions that meet the needs of modern workplaces.

Experience the difference with Wox and take your meeting room management to the next level.

Room Booking
Service Request for Amenities
Service Request for Equipments
Interactive floor map with Editor
Native Mobile App
Digital Signage
Occupancy Sensor Support

WOX vs. Envoy: Feature-Rich, Cost-Efficient

  • Seamless Environment Control: WOX is the singular choice that allows full control over your meeting environment, from curtains and lights to air quality, through a fully integrated smart tablet.
  • Interactive Meeting Tablets: Our smart tablets go beyond booking to offer.
  • Customizable displays with your brand logo and colors.
  • Instant booking with verifiable identity checks.
  • LED lights indicating occupancy states.
  • Integration with door access systems for enhanced security.
  • Easy reporting of issues and on-demand service requests.
  • Efficient Occupancy Management: WOX’s smart sensors and customized workflows save energy and boost room utilization by automating environment settings and releasing rooms when no-shows are detected.

Making the Informed Decision: Why WOX Is the Optimal Choice

Maximize Utilization: With features like automatic room release and occupancy sensors, WOX increases room usage efficiency by up to 30%.

User-Friendly Experience: The modern UI/UX of WOX ensures ease of use and rapid adoption among employees. Future-Ready: Investing in WOX means equipping your office with a system that's designed to adapt to the future of work.

Visitor Management Feature Introduction

Empower Your Workspace with WOX's Industry-Leading Visitor Management Technology

Efficiency and Security Combined for Seamless Visitor Experiences

Name100 desks and 300 employees

Pricing Advantage

  • WOX vs Envoy: When considering cost-effectiveness, WOX not only provides a competitive edge with its comprehensive visitor management system priced at $249 for facilities with up to 100 desks and 300 employees, but it also stands as a significantly more economical option when compared to Envoy's similar offerings, which are priced higher at $329. This clear pricing advantage makes WOX a smart choice for budget-conscious businesses seeking robust visitor management solutions without the additional financial burden.
  • Enterprise Flexibility: "Large enterprises with bespoke needs will find WOX's adaptable pricing strategy to be a breath of fresh air, delivering custom solutions without the ambiguity of 'custom' prices.

Introduction to Visitor Management Features

Dive into the details of WOX’s visitor management features and see how they compare to Envoy's, spotlighting the functionality and innovation that define our user experience.

Feature Comparison: WOX is the most Feature-Rich Platform

  • WOX: Only provider supporting fixed, hot, and hoteling desks without extra charges.
  • Seamless Visitor Integration: From the moment they check-in, WOX offers visitors a sophisticated experience with digital badges, photo capture, and efficient tracking. Your brand's image is front and center with customizable sign-in forms that mirror your company’s ethos.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: WOX parallels Envoy in providing vital security measures such as e-signatures and host notifications but goes further to integrate cutting-edge visitor analytics and access control integrations into one intuitive interface.
  • Streamlined Operations: Integration with your existing systems, including SSO and directory services, is seamless with WOX, ensuring that your operations are as efficient as they are secure.
  • Personalized Visitor Journey: Every visitor is an opportunity to showcase your business values. WOX’s visitor management system offers unparalleled customization for visitor surveys and badge designs, enhancing brand consistency and visitor satisfaction.
Room Booking
Service Request for Amenities
Service Request for Equipments
Interactive floor map with Editor
Native Mobile App
Digital Signage
Occupancy Sensor Support

Envoy Product Overview

At its core, Envoy serves as a multi-faceted space management software solution. It’s designed to simplify complex office operations like visitor management, delivery logistics, and space reservation. With its user-friendly interface and a complete set of features, Envoy has become the go-to choice for businesses aiming to optimize their workplace. The software’s latest features, which include personalization options such as ‘Favorites’ and ‘Photo Profiles’, as well as ‘Recurring Schedules’ and ‘Desk Amenities’, are indicative of Envoy’s commitment to providing a tailored user experience.

Envoy is a workplace platform designed for office operations and enhance the workplace experience for employees and visitors alike. Its core product, Envoy Desks, facilitates easy desk reservations for employees on approved office days. Key features include:
Interactive Floor Plans: Offers an interactive map to visualize office capacity and tailor desk assignments (assigned, flexible, etc.), ensuring optimal space utilization.

Reservation System: A user-friendly system to manage desk bookings, allowing for efficient check-in and check-out procedures.
Workflow Automation: The platform can automate notifications for cleaning, scheduling, and other essential communications.
Administrator Controls: Admins can set booking parameters, including restrictions by team or booking quotas, to maintain order and efficiency.
Space Customization: Allows the addition of attributes to workspace listings, such as location and equipment details.
API Integration: The system integrates with enterprise applications like Office365 for a seamless workflow.
Health and Safety Features: Contact tracing capabilities and social distancing protocols can be enforced through the system.
Multi-Device Booking: Employees can book spaces via mobile, tablet, desktop, or kiosk, offering complete booking flexibility.
Badging and Sensor Integration: Integrations with badging and sensor systems for occupancy tracking and environmental management are also supported.
These features aim to support workplace teams and admins by providing tools for better space management, ensuring health and safety compliance, and improving the overall efficiency of office operations.

Product Review

User reviews of Envoy’s interface and feature set highlight both its advantages and drawbacks:


Ease of Use: Users appreciate the simplicity and ease of learning the Envoy system, which streamlines visitor management effectively.
Automated Workflow: The system automates visitor registration, saving time and reducing the need for receptionist roles.
Customizable Interface: The iPad interface is user-friendly and customizable, enhancing the guest experience.
Efficient Notifications: Provides instant notifications through various channels like email, SMS, and Slack, keeping all relevant parties informed.
Data Analytics and Reporting: The built-in dashboard offers visual analytics and easy data extraction, aiding in decision-making.


Integration Challenges: Some users report difficulties with integration and setup, indicating a need for improvement in user interface aspects related to integration.
Learning Curve: Administrators mention a learning curve and the need for more comprehensive training materials or support.
Customer Service Issues: Post-purchase customer support and communication have room for improvement, as indicated by some users facing challenges in resolving issues.
Limited Functionality: Users have suggested that Envoy could be expanded beyond visitor and guest management to utilize its capabilities more fully.
Notification Delivery Issues: There are reports of notification emails being filtered into spam, causing communication gaps.
Overall, while Envoy is praised for its user-friendly design and effective visitor management features, and while it has tons of positive reviews on G2, some of the feedback suggests the need for better integration support, expanded functionalities, and improved customer service.

Envoy as a Hybrid Workplace Platform

Envoy has adapted to the shifting work paradigm by offering a platform conducive to the hybrid workplace—a model blending remote work with in-office presence. The platform’s unified management dashboard and extensive mobile app functionalities ensure that whether employees are in the office or working from another location, they remain connected and productive. This integration of on-site and off-site work capabilities underscores Envoy’s understanding of the modern workspace’s requirements.

Envoy has redefined the hybrid workplace by addressing the flexibility needs of modern businesses. It simplifies the complex landscape of workplace management with an easy-to-use platform that empowers employees and admins alike. The unified management dashboard is central to its offering, providing a comprehensive view of office space utilization and employee interactions with the workspace. The mobile app further administrative tasks, enabling desk bookings, visitor notifications, and other essential functions on the go, reducing tool fatigue and enhancing productivity.
Cost efficiency is another critical aspect, with Envoy’s integrated solutions reducing the need for multiple software subscriptions and the associated financial and time investments. Security is not an afterthought; with features for tracking who is in the building and when, coupled with access control integrations, Envoy ensures a secure environment for both people and data.
The platform’s data analytics enable informed decisions about workplace resources, helping businesses adapt to the fluctuating demands of hybrid operations. IT support as the connected nature of the platform reduces the complexity of managing support tickets and technology issues. Ultimately, Envoy’s workplace platform is tailored to enhance organizational productivity by providing tools that support the diverse work modes of today’s workforce.

Key Features of Envoy

Envoy serves as a complete visitor management and hybrid workplace solution.

The platform’s key features and benefits include:
Visitor Management: Simplifies hosting visitors by automating the sign-in process, saving teams time and reducing manual tasks like handwriting name badges or tracking agreements.
Safety Protocols: It allows for the setting of entry criteria, streamlines evacuations with emergency notifications, and helps maintain compliance with health standards by verifying the health status of visitors and employees.
Room and desk booking: Employees and contractors can book a space to work from in seconds with Envoy’s mobile app.
Capacity Management: The platform aids in managing workplace capacity, preventing overcrowding and enhancing the candidate experience with detailed pre-visit instructions and instant arrival notifications for recruiters.
Time Tracking: Assists in accurately tracking the time in and out for contractors and employees, which helps reduce payroll errors.
Compliance: It ensures that all necessary visitor information is captured and securely stored to keep the workplace compliant with regulations.
Customization: Offers customizable sign-in flows and the ability to automatically notify employees upon guest arrival.
Reporting: Provides analytics and reporting features for insights into visitor volume and host activity, with easy data export for auditing purposes.
Photo Capture and Badging: Visitors can have their photo captured upon arrival for identification, and the system can automatically print custom badges.
These features collectively contribute to a secure, efficient, and welcoming environment for all workplace visitors.
On top of those, there is also Envoy Connect, which is a visitor management system designed for property owners. As it’s a more unique use cases (and one that is not covered by many of the alternative solutions listed here) we will not focus on this.